WTAVE operates as a central repository of research and a clearinghouse for resources in the field of CVE through the collation of information on past and current research across Australia and overseas. WTAVE interprets and disseminates information for use by government and non-government organisations.

On the WTAVE website, these sources include:

For our resources database, we have collected and classified 13,000 academic articles on terrorism and countering violent extremism, and we have selected around 1,000 academic articles to include in this pioneering resources portal. The database contains also research reports, opinion pieces, reportages and other materials that have been selected by our team.

This resources section designed to be a unique go-to resource collection to assist anyone who is interested in knowing more about threats such as Islamic State recruitment and the rise of white-supremacist extremism in Australia and elsewhere, and about the effects of terrorist attacks and counter-terrorism policies.