Living Safe Together is an Australian Government website providing information on what communities and the Australian Government are doing to build resilient communities that take action against violent extremism. It includes some information and advice, information about projects Australia-wide and how to get involved, and some resources.

While the overwhelming majority of people in Australia reject violent extremism, they may not have sufficient information to challenge these ideologies. By working with communities and partners, the website will continue to develop to provide the information to challenge violent extremism.

Violence resulting from radical or extreme beliefs has become a fact of life in many countries, and even in Australia. Countering violent extremism in our communities will be a long-term challenge requiring the combined efforts of governments, community groups, private organisations and individuals.

The Australian Government has invested in a number of initiatives over several years. The Attorney-General’s Department supports a comprehensive strategy across all levels of government and is developing or coordinating a range of initiatives that support Australia in addressing extremist influences before they pose a threat to Australia’s security.


Find out more about violent extremism and why it is an issue for Australia by visiting the What is violent extremism? page.


Terrorism continues to pose a serious security challenge to Australia. The Australian Government is resolute in its commitment to protecting Australia, its people and its interests from this threat of violent extremism. It is working with communities to strengthen Australia’s resilience to radicalisation and assist individuals to disengage from violent extremist influences and beliefs. This partnership is essential to reduce the risk of home-grown terrorism.

Everyone can contribute to the security of Australia by being aware of and understanding the threat of violent extremism. We can challenge this threat by all working together to ensure we have a strong and cohesive society where individuals are less vulnerable to ideologies that promote hate and violence.

Visit The threat to Australia page to find out why it is important that we build resilience to extremist ideologies.


Building resilience to violent extremism in our communities will be a long-term challenge requiring the combined efforts of governments, community groups and individuals. Visit the What we are doing page to read more about government policies and initiatives.